Art II

Collage - Art
Due Date: 9/9/2013
Subject: Art II

Working with Collage (the French word for Cut and Paste):


Cut or tear and glue-together makes the COMPOSITION.  You are to compose a world

never seen before, one of your own, surreal.  This means you organize the space the same

 as you would if you were going to draw out the artwork.  Plan foreground, background

and middleground.  What will be your focal point?  Is the composition balanced?  Is there repetition and rhytm?


Collage needs to be VERY ORGANIZED!  It has to be done very carefully, planned well, and if the composition becomes too chaotic, reworked (taken apart and arranged better before gluing).  Every piece or part should have meaning, a job to do, a relationship to the story you are telling!  Begin to glue only after you have arranged all the pieces and Mrs. Chaney has checked it out.  You can save your arrangement by drawing around all the pieces or quickly (stick-like) sketching out the arrangement or taking a picture of it.  Glue to heavy paper or matboard using tiny dots of glue along all edges and press down with clean scrap paper, work this carefully to avoid smears, smudges and wrinkles.


TOOLS for Collage: scissors, glue, matboard, scrap paper, pencil and paper to sketch, an

envelope to put pieces in (fold a sheet of paper in on three corners).


Get to know someone new, a classmate.  Choose an aspect of their personality to emphasize (with their permission J.)




Cut two graphic images in half and fuse them together.  You may be as creative with the cuts as you wish!  Graphic images can come from magazines, posters, cd covers, labels, stickers, tattoos, stencils, tshirts, or even book/ book pages (perhaps old and yellowed) etc.


2.YOUR own sketches/doodles/artwork or Fabric or tissue paper or Torn-together-Image

Use any of your sketches or any of your other artwork whether complete or not or you can tear apart graphics just for color or texture or fabric or objects creating a whole new image.  You can also fuse these if you like (see Fusion above). 



The monster person does not have to be realistic, the image could symbolize the person’s personality or personality traits!!



The subject can come from any photos or even the negatives of yours or mine.  You can also fuse these if you like (see Fusion above).