Family Career and Community Leaders of America

Financial Literacy
momeysmart CBI online

FDIC Money Smart - A financial education program that is easy-to-use to learn basic personal financial management.

Studens must register to be able to access the computer based course. Students should complete parts 1 and 2 of the following: Bank On It, Check  It Out, Setting Financial Goals, Pay Yourself First, Borrowing Basics, Charge it Right, Paying for College and Cars, A Roof Over Your Head. Students should retake until a score better than 80% is scored on the quizes so they can print the certificates for each lesson.

FACS quiz vocabulary
RelTionship vocal 5-1&5-2
quizlet vocabulary stack for families today sections 5-1 and 5-2

FACS vocabulary 7-1&7-2 conflict resolution
vocabulary for conflict resolution unit- Families Today 7-1 and 7-2

FACS Kitchen and food safety
Kitchen fires


Hand washing

What NOT to do
Make note of every safety or hygiene violation illustrated in this video. List as many as possible.

Identify the hazards
this music video gives a comical intro to kitchen and food safety......especially personal hygiene and habits. Identify the many hazards in this clip. Warning there is smoking and drinking illustrated in this video.

Dirty little secrets

NEVER throw water on a grease fire
very short, very effective reminder!

Safe knife techniques
Chef illustrates safe knife handling, cutting, and cleaning.

FACS comunication unit vocabulary
FACS Communication unit 6-1&2

Child development test 1 study link

Child development test 1

Quizlet study stack for child development test on the study of child development and influences on development.

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