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Scottsboro High School Policy:
Grading Policy

Scottsboro High School's school-wide grading policy divides grades into two categories:

Assignment: These include daily grades such as homework and participation.  These account for 25% of your overall grade.

Assessment: These include tests, quizzes, and projects.  These account for 75% of your overall grade. 

Keep in mind that assessments count three times as much as the assignments and therefore will have a greater impact on your grades. 

Intro to Engineering Design:

Assignment Grades (homework, participation) equal 25 percent of your grade and assessment grades (tests, quiz, projects) equal 75 percent.

For  Algebra With Finance:

Assignment grading including assignments, notebook, and participation (practice) is 25 percent of your grade.

Assessment: Testing in the form of tests and activities (mastery) is 75 percent of your grade.

For Geometry-Advanced Level:

Assignments in the form of homework, notebook, and participation (practice) is 25 percent of your grade.

Assessments in the form of tests and activities (mastery) is 80 percent of your grade.

Student Expectations

I expect all students to be prompt and present for all classes. Virtual students will be required to attend scheduled Zoom meetings.  I will announce these in advance.  You will be given a grade to attend these meetings. Bring with you the required supplies mentioned on the first day of class as well as your best attitude for one and one half hours. Some homework will be given to reinforce concepts that we learn in class. Please come with respect for your own education as well the education of others. Please read the student code of conduct for SHS for my class rules reflect these. 


I can tutor students on most mornings of the week on request.  Contact me if you need assistance.
[email protected]

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